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Established in Taiwan, WAY WIN TOOLS TRADE COMPANY, a professional manufacturer, supplier of Vehicle Repair Tools has a wide range of product lines. We have successfully marketed and exported our products abroad. We continue substantial investments in research and development to produce products at the highest possible standards of quality and efficiency. It will be your wisdom selection to cooperate the business with us. We sincerely hope to be your best partner in business. Don't hesitate and contact us as soon as you can!

Vehicle Repair Tools

3/4” Dr. Manual Impact Driver Set   (PATENT) WW-6800 Material: Chrome Vanadium steel, Bit :8660 Contents:     1pc-3/4” Dr. Impact Driver     1pc-3/4” Dr. ×100mm(L) Extension Bar     1pc-3/4”(F)×1/2”(M) Adapter     1pc-1/2”×5/16” Coupler     9pcs- 36mm(L) Bit           Phillips: PH1、PH2、PH3 Slotted: S6、S8、S10 Hexagon: H5、H6、H8 High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 8pcs/CTN/18.5kg/19.5kg/0.7’ Description:   This impact screwdriver produces a great torque to turn the bolt by hammering the screwdriver. It can work with hammer to loosen rusty and cold-welded bolts at ease, also can be  used to tighten bolts. Including slot and screwdrivers in different size for various demands.  
1/2”Dr. ×67 pcs Impact Bit Socket & Socket Set (PATENT) WW-PAT6213 Material: Chrome Molybdenum Steel Contents:     14pcs-1/2" x 38mm(L) Impact Short Socket:           10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30, 32mm     14pcs-1/2" x 78mm(L) Impact Deep Socket:           10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30, 32mm     3pcs- 1/2" x 85mm(L) Impact Wheel Nut Socket:17,19,21mm     8pcs- 1/2" x 38mm(L) Impact Star-Type Short Socket:          E-10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24     7pcs- 1/2" x 60mm(L) Impact Hex-Tips Bit Socket          H-5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14 mm     9pcs- 1/2" x 78mm(L) Impact Torx-Tips Bit Socket          T-20, 25, 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70     4pcs- 1/2" x 45mm(L) Impact Spline-Tips Bit Socket          M-12, 14, 16, 18     4pcs- 1/2" x 78mm(L) Impact Spline-Tips Bit Socket          M-12, 14, 16, 18     2pcs- 1/2"(F) x 3/8"(M) & 1/2"(F) x 3/4"(M) Impact Adapter     1pc- 1/2" x 125mm(L) Impact Extension Bar     1pc- 1/2" x Ball-Type Universal Joint High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 2set/CTN/20.5kg/21.5kg/1.3’   Description:   This 1/2”Dr. pneumatic socket set is the only contents on the market(except IKH). Because it is a product developed by ourselves. The general vehicle repair tool, if there is this group, can repair any problem that needs to be solved with socket、 bit socket(spline、star、Hex socket、adapter、wheel nut etc.).
3/8”Dr. × 12 pcs Dodge Wire Nut Socket Set LHDW385300-12 Material: Chrome Vanadium Steel with harden & matt satin finish Contents:         12pcs-3/8” Dr. Dodge wire nut socket          5pcs- 8,9,10,11,12 mm × 53mm(L)          4pcs-13,14,15,16 mm × 62mm(L)          3pcs- 17,18,19 mm × 80mm(L) High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 20set/CTN/24kg/25kg/1.75’ Description:   For terminal sensors, tube nuts and other cutting plug. It is used to install/disassemble temperature sensors, terminal switch and other components. It is also suitable for tubing brake pipe and other tube nuts. Groove width: 7.4mm-8.8mm-9.1mm-9.7mm-10.5mm-13.3mm-14.4mm  
1/2”Dr. × 7 pcs Wheel Nut Protector Impact Socket Set LHD4007MM-85 Material: Chrome Molybdenum Steel with Chrome plated and color coating finish Contents :  1pc-1/2”×17mm ×85mm(L) (Blue)  1pc-1/2”×19mm ×85mm(L) (Gold)   1pc-1/2”×21mm ×85mm(L) (Red)  1pc-1/2”×22mm ×85mm(L) (Green)  1pc-1/2”×23mm ×85mm(L) (Purple)  1pc-1/2”×24mm ×85mm(L) (Pink)  1pc-1/2”×27mm ×85mm(L) (Black) High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 10set/CTN/22kg/23kg/ 0.6’          Description:   The 7pcs Wheel Nut Protector Impact Socket Set. Protective sleeves and internal plastic inserts that prevent scratching of wheel and  decorative lug nuts, and different color easy distinguished each size. It included protective sleeves and internal plastic inserts, an absolutely necessary tool  with today’s high dollar wheels. These 1/2” in drive Wheel Nut Protector impact socket are perfect set for use in both professional Mechanic’s and DIY garages.  
BRAKE CALIPER WIND BACK KIT WSD-1051 Contents :  15pcs- Adapters   2pcs-Thrust bolts   1pc- Holder High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 10set/CTN/24.3kg/25.3kg/ 1.9’ Kit includes one right-hand and one left-hand rotating tool and 15 adapters Left-hand rotating tool fits on Ford Mustang GT rear Calipers, Citroen and Renault Suitable for most vehicles on the market          Description:   Tools for changing brake pads on both disc and drum brakes, and for brake fluid exchange. Including master cylinder reservoir caps and pressure bleeding tanks are popular products at WayWinTools. The tools all features high quality with innovative designs. WayWinTools is working constantly on developing adapters for new brake pistons and master cylinder reservoirs, and even for developing other special tools for the brakes system on electric vehicles, notably for Tesla. WayWinTools welcomes all potential clients to contact us regardless of their business types: tools for personal use-professional or DIY, branding company looking for trustworthy suppliers, and tool sellers seeking innovative tools.  
GASOLINE CYLINDER COMPRESSION TESTER WSD-1028_B (9 PCS) Contents : 1pc- Pressure Gauge Assembly:0-300 psi/ 21kg/ cm²,with a pressure release valve 1pc- High pressure soft hose :Soft hose to connect between a pressure gauge and a spark plug adapter for testing cylinder compression pressure gasoline resistant 1pc- Spark plug hole straight tube: Straight tube for connecting into spark plug hole for testing cylinder compression pressure  *suitable for inline engines 1pc- Spark plug hole angle tube: Angle tube for connecting into spark plug hole for testing cylinder compression pressure *suitable for V-shape engines 1pc- M10×P1.0 spark plug adapter: Spark plug adapter M10×P1.0 suitable for  Alfa Remeo 145、146、147、155、156、166、GT spider Ferrari F355spider,F40,360 1pc- M12×P1.25 spark plug adapter: Spark plug adapter M12×P1.25 suitable for BMW 3 series E46、Z3 E36、Z4 E86 Chevrolet Aveo Citroen C1、C2、C3、C4、DS3 Dacia Logan, Sandero Fiat 500、 Bravo、Boblo , Idea 1pc- M14×P1.25 spark plug adapter: Spark plug with M14×1.25 threads are the most  common type of spark plugs used in cars 1pc- M16×P1.50 spark plug adapter: Spark plug adapter M16×P1.5 suitable for  Ford Expedition F150、F250、F350 、F450、F550、F53 Lincoln mark LT, Navigator 1pc- M18×P1.50 spark plug adapter High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 10set/CTN/12kg/13kg/ 1.7’          Description:  Gasoline compression tester  Set for testing cylinder compression pressure on gasoline engines. Provided with mostly common used spark plug adapters   Size are: M10×1.0 , M12×1.25, M14×1.25 , M16×1.5 , M18×1.5 Includes aluminum test tubes, fitting in-line and V-shape engines. Rubber tube equipped with an enhance locking design, preventing the adapter from being left on the spark plug hole when disconnecting the rubber tube.  
BLIND HOLE BEARING PULLER & SLIDE HAMMER SET WSD-1029 Contents : 1pc- Claw puller 1pc- Slide Hammer  5pcs- Collet: 8-11mm, 12-17mm ,18-23mm, 24-29mm, 30-34mm  1pc- Connector: M6×P1.0 - M10×P1.5 1pc- Connector: M8×P1.25-M10×P1.5 1pc- Connector: M10×P1.50 1pc- Extended Adapter High quality Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 5set/CTN/16.5kg/17.5kg/ 1.3’ Provided with adapters that can be expanded within the blind hole for stronger connection Description:   Waywin’s special tools for engine services covers a wide variety of systems for an engine. From fuel injection pressure test and cylinder compression test, to engine electrical line test and cylinder head straightness tests. Our tools can be purchased as retail and we ship  worldwide, and we can also provide our tools in your private label for wholesale, distributor and B2B orientation.
BLIND HOLE BEARING PULLER & SLIDE HAMMER SET  (PATENT) WSD-1260C Contents :WSD-1160J_F 1pc- 65mm×14 flutes×49mm,3/8”Dr. ,for TOYOTA and Lexus, Forging aluminum WSD-1163  1pc- 88.8mm×15 flutes×52mm,3/8”Dr. ,for Hyundai and Kia, casting aluminum WSD-1164_F 1pc- 64.5mm×14 flutes×49mm,3/8”Dr. ,for TOYOTA , Forging aluminum WSD-1165  1pc- 86.6mm×16 flutes×76mm,3/8”Dr. ,for Volvo, casting aluminum WSD-1166  1pc- 74.2mm×14 flutes×42mm,3/8”Dr. ,for Ford-Mazda, and some Mercedes -Benz, casting aluminum WSD-1168-01 1pc-27mm hex oil filter wrench,3/8”Dr. ,for BMW,GMC,Ford,andJeep WSD-1168-02 1pc-32mm hex oil filter wrench,3/8”Dr. ,for Audi,BMW,chevrolet,Porsche and     Volkswagen  WSD-1168-03 1pc-36mm hex oil filter wrench,3/8”Dr. ,for Audi,BMW,Ford and Volkswagen WSD-1169  1pc-Universal adjustable oil filter wrench Universal application for nearly all oil canisters on passenger vehicles Application range: 63 to 83mm / 2-1/2” to 3-1/4” High quality spring for durable usage Special teeth design for enhanced grips on oil canisters Origin: Taiwan Packing: Blow mold case + color sleeve + shrink, 5set/CTN/20kg/21kg/ 3.1’          Description:   Waywin offers tools for regular oil change, from removing drain plugs and oil filters canisters or housings, we have also developed new-tools for extracting used oil and oil pressure test kits. Waywin tools are suitable for companies looking for suppliers to put on their private label to  enhance their branding images.
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